Our Independent Status

The strength of being a truly ‘independent’ adviser...

As Independent Financial Advisers (IFAs) we are able to offer complete financial planning solutions to clients in an unbiased way. As we are not restricted to the constraints of one particular bank, insurance company or investment house we can select from the whole market place to source the right products for you.

At LDC we have access to the most up to date technology and resources to facilitate the in depth and rigorous research necessary to provide the best advice for your own personal circumstances.

Whilst the value of independence is prevalent from the outset, it is important to consider the impact it can have over the long term. Changes within the financial services industry occur frequently and, in reality, what might be best for you now may not be in a few years time. By not being tied to one specific company LDC are able to recommend changes that are in the best interest of the client with what is on offer from a whole of market perspective.

How We Are Paid

The first meeting is free. During this initial consultation stage we establish if we are able to assist with the prospective clients requirements. If we can then we suggest a way forward and discuss how we are remunerated.

LDC can operate on a fee basis, adviser charging basis or a mixture of the two. Any remuneration will be transparent and agreed in advance of any further work being carried out.

Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss our remuneration policy further.
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