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Lawrence Dawson & Company are able to offer Independent advice in the following areas (click titles to expand)
  • > Pensions

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    Definition: "A pension is an arrangement to provide people with an income when they are no longer earning a regular income in employment."

    This definition is very simplistic. In reality retirement planning can prove a very complex area. We guide clients through the various stages;

    • Funding a first pension
    • Consolidating existing policies
    • Portfolio construction and ongoing monitoring
    • Maximising tax breaks
    • Income & portfolio management throughout retirement

    Unfortunately there is not a “one size fits all” pension that will keep everyone financially comfortable in retirement. Pension legislation also changes with alarming regularity as do the array of policies and funds available.

    LDC can assess your current needs and, over time adapt the plan to fit with whatever changes impact your specific circumstances.
  • > Investments

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    As with all financial planning the first element to a successful investment strategy is to understand the needs and objectives. This might be to;

    • Stop the real value of savings being eroded by inflation
    • Provide income or growth
    • Fund a specific goal
    (school fees provision, retirement, deposit for a home)
    • Invest over the short, medium or long term
    • Save for a rainy day
    • Provide exposure to an agreed level of investment risk

    The list is exhaustive and everyone’s needs are different.

    Once your own personal requirements are identified, LDC will advise on the most suitable and tax effective investment solutions to address these needs. Over time, regular review meetings and monitoring will ensure the continuing suitability of the advice.
  • > Protection

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    Do you have sufficient financial protection to enable you or your family to cope when life deals unwelcome blows?

    Life is full of “what if’s”

    What if I...
    • Fall ill for a prolonged period of time
    • Suffer a critical or terminal illness
    • Die
    • Lose my job
    • Need expensive health treatment

    Crossing your fingers and hoping it doesn’t affect you is one option but not one we ever recommend. Another option is to allow LDC to talk you through the far reaching implications of life’s unforeseen events and how, within your budget, we can manage and reduce the risks these events leave you and your loved ones exposed to.

    Please do not subscribe to the “Bury Your Head In The Sand” financial plan!
  • > Mortgages

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    Mortgage rates and requirements are constantly changing. At LDC we have the tools available to source you a suitable mortgage arrangement to meet your needs. We can also advise on the different mortgage types and repayment methods as well as give guidance on the various life cover and payment protection assurances available.

    If we are unable to find a suitable package to meet your requirements we will be happy to recommend other mortgage intermediaries who may specialise in your specific area. Please note, the Financial Conduct Authority does not regulate the sale of buy to let, second homes or commercial property.
  • > Estate Planning

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    This forms a very emotive part of life’s financial plan and there are various ways of reducing the size of one’s estate to benefit your loved ones rather than the taxman.

    The most elementary part of estate planning is the writing of a will and we are happy to recommend suitable professionals to assist with this if necessary. Thereafter, LDC will establish whether or not your nil rate band is exceeded for Inheritance Tax purposes and who it is you wish to benefit from your wealth, either now or when you pass away.

    LDC will be able to guide you through the diverse array of instruments available to accommodate your estate planning needs.
LDC prides itself on giving the best advice, not only now but also on an ongoing basis in the future. Life is about change; clients needs change, regulatory requirements change, investment options change and products change. Too much change can be bad so contact us and let LDC be the one constant to guide you through.

LDC Wrap Platform

LDC clients have the opportunity to invest via our Private Client Service Wrap Platform. The Wrap is a comprehensive portfolio administration platform providing clients with a consolidated view of all their investments in one place. This can include cash, savings, investments, pensions, individual shares and property.
This has the following advantages...
  • All investments can be viewed and accessed in one place
  • Instant valuations and portfolio analysis provided securely online
  • More effective management of assets as a single portfolio means changes can be made quickly and cost effectively and exposure to risk can be closely controlled
  • Reduced paperwork
  • Access to significantly lower portfolio charges
  • Access to a wide range of tax wrappers
  • Access to over 2,300 funds, stocks and shares, gilts and bonds
  • Large fund discounts available dependant on the size of the portfolio
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The LDC Wrap is powered by one of Europe’s largest and most successful Financial Services company which is a FTSE 100 listed PLC. This provides the infrastructure and legal framework necessary to power the LDC Wrap Platform and to provide clients with peace of mind. As part of our commitment to independence, the Wrap Platform provider is constantly under review as this a fast developing area of Financial Services in the 21st century.
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