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We are a second-generation firm based in the City of London with offices across the south of England; we have been transacting business for over 40 years and enjoy a track record of consistently high, personal service to private and corporate clients. We offer a range of investment, pension, insurance, mortgage, will-writing and estate management services. Our team includes qualified, experienced specialists in these fields and we are fully authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Through our business network we are also able to provide accountancy, taxation and business continuity solutions. Please see our company history and other web pages for more information, office locations and contact details. On the site you will also find testimonials from some of our clients; they range from young people just starting out, through to families who have relied on us for over 40 years!

So, whether you are a first-time buyer or investor, you need help with your existing finances or pensions, or you are a seasoned investor needing later-life planning, then we're here to assist you. We'll start with an initial no-fee, no-obligation meeting, then subsequently offer you a tailor-made set of solutions from our range of services. Please contact us by phone or email us on ObscureMyEmail and we'll be in touch.

Christopher Dawson
Managing Director

History and Philosophy of LDC


Firm Foundations

Lawrence Dawson & Company Ltd was established in 1976 by Geoffrey Dawson. Drawing on many years of industry experience Geoff launched an insurance, pensions & savings service to private individuals, families and SME companies. Based in modest offices in 'the City', his client base was drawn from London & the South East. Professional integrity and personal service were the founding principles of the business and remain so to this day.


Era of Enlightenment

In the 1980s the demand for financial products, mortgages, pensions and savings schemes was growing rapidly as the 'Thatcherite' free-market share- and house-ownership philosophy began to influence the lives of ordinary people. Simultaneously, the fearsome effects of inflation drove investors to seek sound advice and reliable investment vehicles. These were busy times in ‘The Square Mile’ and Lawrence Dawson & Co. was no exception.


Forward to the Future

Geoffrey was building a dynamic business with a team to match and, following a career within financial services, his son Christopher joined the company in 1997. The combination worked well with an increase in clients, turnover and reputation. With greater family involvement came continuity from the past and vision for the future, whilst vigorously maintaining the professional principles of this family business.


Generation Game

With the business in good order Geoff handed over control to Christopher in 2006, though he remains very much in touch as Company Chairman. The 2008 global financial meltdown, the subsequent downturn in markets and resulting increase in regulation and compliance increased the pressure on every sector of the financial world. Companies across the globe, both great and small, succumbed but not Lawrence Dawson & Co. The combination of Chris's youth and experience, which simultaneously delivered strength and stability, ensured that the client base remained loyal, the financial authorities were (and remain) suitably satisfied and the firm continued to prosper.


Depth and Diversity

After 11 years in their Bishopsgate office, LDC relocated to new premises in the City in 2011. More was to follow: in 2015 LDC opened a second office, in Northwood Hills, Middlesex, and in 2016 again relocated their City office to 41 Lothbury - they are now neighbours of The Bank of England. The Northwood Hills office is also the location of David Graham & Associates who are able to offer LDC client's accountancy and taxation solutions whilst their own clients can, reciprocally, access the services of LDC.

Further expansion led to the opening of the third LDC office in Midhurst, West Sussex. The specialist mortgage team are based there and can handle enquiries directly or through the other offices. In 2018 LDC were pleased to announce the appointment of Jane Dawson in her capacity as a Qualified & Professional Will Writer and her expertise dovetails well with the estate planning, inheritance, succession and equity-release solutions already offered by LDC. Building on over 40 years of successful business, Lawrence Dawson & Company look forward to the future with quiet confidence.

“We have used the expertise of Lawrence Dawson & Co Ltd since 1976 for both private and professional requirements. During all this time we have found them to be excellent financial advisers. They have provided invaluable support at all times. Very much appreciated.”

Lawrence Dawson & Co. Ltd is Authorised and Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority

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