LDC Wrap Platforms

Using a wrap allows us, and you, to view your investments and to assess their progress 'as a whole', through one wrap-platform provider.

Wrap Platforms are online portfolio administration tools providing a consolidated view of investments in one place. This can include cash, savings, investments, pensions, individual shares and property.

This has the following advantages...

  • All investments can be viewed and accessed in one place
  • Instant valuations and portfolio analysis provided securely online
  • More effective management of assets as a single portfolio means changes can be made quickly and cost effectively and exposure to risk can be closely controlled
  • Reduced paperwork
  • Access to significantly lower portfolio charges
  • Access to a wide range of tax wrappers
  • Access to thousands of funds, stocks and shares, gilts and bonds
  • Large fund discounts available dependent on the size of the portfolio

LDC offer their clients a variety of wrap platforms, predominately either the Standard Life or Transact systems and we will be pleased to demonstrate these to you and establish which service is best for the management of your portfolio.

“I knew I had a portfolio of investments, ISAs, various pension schemes and life policies but no idea of their specific details or combined value. LDC introduced me to the idea of having a WRAP platform where I can see everything set out clearly. Furthermore I can now manage my assets and track their value on a daily basis. Great concept; many thanks.”

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