Lawrence Dawson & Co. Ltd Locations

LDC (City Office)

41 Lothbury
London EC2R 7HG
Tel: 020 7283 1811

LDC (Regional Office)

Ryefield Court, 81 Joel Street
Northwood Hills, Middlesex HA6 1LL
Tel: 01923 840020

LDC (Regional Office)

Red Lion Street, Midhurst
West Sussex GU29 9BP
Tel: 01730 812261
“The relationship with Lawrence Dawson & Co. Ltd. began in March 1977 and has been of enormous benefit throughout those 40+ years. They have provided a consistent level of personal and professional service across three generations of our family thus far and we fully expect the relationship to continue, and indeed flourish, in the future. As the years unfolded they advised us on a range of products and services including life assurance, PHI, savings, ISAs, mortgages, pensions, wills & estate planning. They always implemented the policies and plans based on our immediate and future needs, not according to the markets' 'flavour of the month' offering. LDC & Co Ltd forms a significant part of the financial health and stability of our family and we are indebted to them.”

Lawrence Dawson & Co. Ltd is Authorised and Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority

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